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This is an emergency call.

Europe is not giving a proper welcome to the people who arrive fleeing from war and hunger.

Thousands of people are dying in its coasts in front of our eyes. And nothing happens. Their basic rights are constantly violated. And nothing happens. Misinformation is feeding the fear, causing the rise of racism and fascism. And nothing happens. Let’s make that something happen!


We want a united Europe which reflects our humanity, the richness of our diversity and our willingness to evolve and host people with dignity and without fear. Let’s prove to the world that this Europe exists.


What is the plan?

  • To use a common slogan to connect all the actions happening on September 30th to protest the unfulfillment of the relocation scheme to host refugees.  

           Contact us to connect what you have already planned!

  • Engage citizens to set up their own event in their cities, in their villages, in their neighbourhoods, in their schools, in their companies,... The size doesn’t matter because we are all together and we want to show it.

           Contact us if you are planning to organise something!

Different collectives who support migrants from Greece, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom have agreed on the following proposals to coordinate our actions and show a single solid voice which has a bigger impact in the media:


More and more places are joining the initiative every day, get engaged and resonate with us. Check out the ongoing events in our homepage, in the table below the map.


* This is a peaceful movement that respects humanity in its diversity and the planet in which it lives. It rejects violence, unsupportive, xenophobic, sexist and irreverent behaviors towards different sexual choices and religious and spiritual beliefs. Any demonstration of support that moves away from this line of action is obviously automatically excluded from #SickOfWaiting.